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COVID-19 Practice Update

Find out more about the measures we are taking

Dear valued Beech House client,

As things are constantly changing with regards to the pandemic we are having to adjust our working accordingly, As of 05/01/2021 our current protocol for consultations is as follows:

Before the appointment:

  • Please to do not bring your pet to the surgery if you or any household members have any symptoms of COVID 19 and arrange for someone else to bring your pet if it is medically essential they are seen
  • Please decide if it is definitely necessary for yourself and pet to visit us during the pandemic.  Booster vaccinations other than for puppies/kittens and first year vaccines can be delayed for up to 12 weeks.  We will still be performing these as we feel it is an important part of pet health care, but if your personal circumstance mean they cannot be done at the 12 month mark then there is this flexibility.
  • If you think your pet will be overly stressed or aggressive without your presence during the consultation, then let us know in advance and we can review options e.g. postponing the appointment until we are letting clients back in the surgery or offering sedation
  • please bring something to help us identify you in your car – eg: piece of A4 paper you’re your surname & pets name in front windscreen. Also if possible bring a mobile phone
  • Please make sure your pet is either in a secure carrier or dogs on collar/harness and lead.

On Arrival:

  • Please wait in your car on arrival and place your identification marker in windscreen
  • Please telephone the surgery to let us know you are here (if possible avoid using the intercom as we do not have the manpower to disinfect this between client usages) and check we have the right mobile number for you
  • Please avoid standing next to the front door of the practice
  • Depending on the nature of your pets visit a vet may call you on your mobile before coming outside to take important information, we will then collect your pet and take them into the examination room whilst you continue to wait in the car.  Please wear a face mask when handing your pet over to us.
  • Please let the vet know at this point if you have any financial constraints as we will require payment for the appointment and treatment on the day of the appointment (our current consultation fee is £37.60).  Likewise, please let us know if there is anything your pet is particularly sensitive with or has any allergies to medications. Also tell us if there is anything additional you need for your pet during the visit – e.g. flea/worm treatment
  • The examination will be performed and you may receive another call from the vet to advise on treatment options (may not be the usual surgery number/may be a withheld number). Please make sure you have your mobile phone to hand.
  • Treatment will be provided accordingly and any further medication will be brought out with your pet. 
  • Payments will be taken at reception accessed via the side door (previously used to exit the practice).  In some situations, a nurse may be able to take a card payment in the car park.  Please adhere to social distancing measures and bear with us if there is a queue ahead

Collection of medications:

  • Collection of ordered medication is via the side door

Arriving on foot

If you are arriving without a car then please let us know when booking the appointment as we can sometimes accommodate 1 owner, with their pets, at a time in the waiting room if the weather does not permit waiting outside. 

Appointments for vaccinations

  • As you can imagine the extra social distancing and hygiene measures we are undertaking require more time but we are still needing to see the same number of patients per day.  In order to be able to function in the current climate it is important we know what the expectations are for vaccine appointments.
  • Vaccinations should only be administered to healthy animals otherwise they may not work properly or they could make your pet more ill.
  • If your pet is not eating, has any sickness, diarrhoea or any other signs of illness then please to not book them for a vaccination appointment – they need a medical consultation. 
  • If your pet has a single minor condition but is otherwise well, we may be able to look at this during the vaccination appointment.   Please do not bring lists of problems to the vaccination appointment, each problem will require a separate consultation in order for us to have the time to assess them properly to make sure the best care and advice is given.  This is especially true for skin conditions where both medical and environmental management needs to be assessed and discussed.  Any tests e.g blood tests will also need separately booked appointments.  During the vaccination appointment your pet will still be given a full clinical examination by the vet prior to administration of vaccine and any findings discussed with you.

Please kindly be patient with us, we have been working under huge pressure for the last nine months and are honestly doing our best.  Our aim is to try to stay open for service as much as possible for you and your pet but we can only do this by working safely and following guidelines.  Local veterinary practices have had to shut down completely due to COVID 19 cases so it is a real concern we are doing our best to avoid.

Thank you for your understanding.